Financial Policy

Welcome! Thank you for selecting Chambersburg Dental Associates as your dental health care providers. Our mission is to deliver the best and most comprehensive dental care available, so that you may fully attain optimum oral health. Please understand that payment of your bill is considered part of your treatment. Therefore, the following is a statement of our financial policy.

Statements: If you have a balance on your account, we will send you a statement. Our billing cycle is every thirty (30) days, however payment is due within twenty (20) days of the statement being issued, and is past due if not paid by the due date on the statement.

Payments: Upon acceptance of treatment in this office, the patient/guarantor assumes financial responsibility for payment of fees. Unless other arrangements are discussed, approved, and finalized by us in advance, treatment is to be paid in full when services are rendered.

Payment options: In our practice, our foremost concern is patient care. We strongly believe that financial considerations should not be an obstacle to obtaining dental services necessary to restoring and/or preserving good oral health. We are sensitive to the fact that our patients have different needs in fulfilling their financial obligations, and we are happy to provide flexible payment options wherever possible to facilitate treatment.

 The methods of payment that we accept are as follows:

  • Cash, Personal checks, Money Orders
  • Visa, MasterCard, Discover

On treatments involving laboratory fees or treatments that require more than one visit to complete (i.e.     crowns, bridges, dentures, etc.), we offer: 

  • In-House payment plan: This is a payment plan offered through Chambersburg Dental Associates for a three (3) month time period. It is a no interest financing plan which requires a down payment and a signed agreement. Account must be paid off in three (3) months.

 Other financing options available:

  • Care Credit payment plan: Variety of payment plans that allow you to pay over time with convenient low monthly payments. No annual fees or pre-payment penalties. Application is easy and can be completed at, or over the phone by calling (866) 834-3207. Please inform the office if you qualify and wish to use this as an option

Patients with dental insurance: Although we do file claims for you as a courtesy, please understand, your insurance policy is a contract between you and your insurance. We are NOT a party to that contract in most cases. Our financial relationship is with you, not them. For a list of insurances we are taking click here.

PLEASE NOTE: It is the insurance company that makes the final decision of your eligibility and benefit payment and that coverage depends solely on what you or your employer wishes to purchase. It is impossible for any dental provider to know the insurance benefits of every patient. Benefits vary greatly based on the wide variety of policies sold to employers and patients. It is your responsibility to know your insurance policy rules and benefits.

We do not base our treatment recommendations on what the insurance company will cover but rather what is the best treatment for your overall dental health.

We have no control over what is not covered based upon your benefit plan. Lack of payment by your insurance company only means that it is not a benefit of the plan and has nothing to do with whether or not you need the treatment. We will not become involved in disputes between you and your insurance company regarding non-covered charges, diagnoses, co-pays, deductibles, cost-shares. Please refrain from asking our office to change a diagnosis or procedure code in order for the visit to be covered by your insurance.

Past Due Accounts: If your account becomes past due, we will take necessary steps to collect the debt. If we have to refer the account to a collection agency, you agree to pay all the collection costs which are incurred. If we have to refer collection of the balance to a lawyer, you agree to pay all lawyer fees which we incur plus all court costs. Appointments for non-emergency treatment may need to be postponed or cancelled pending payment of outstanding balances. Balances not paid by the due date may be subject to additional finance charges to send additional statements. If the account is referred to the collection agency, in addition to the collection costs/fees, the account will be marked as “inactive” and in order to have the account “reactivated” and continue to receive dental services, the delinquent balance needs to be paid in full. Only after the account balance is paid can appointments be made and your account and patient status be reactivated.

Missed appointments: Our time is valuable and so is yours. Please understand that we reserve chair time just for you when you make an appointment with us. In an effort to continually provide quality service, we ask that you keep your reserved appointment as scheduled. Patients who show up late or cancel less than 24 hours notice will be assessed a missed appointment fee of $35.00. This fee must be paid before a new appointment will be scheduled. Patients who miss three (3) consecutive appointments will be asked to transfer their records to another doctor.

Child Advocacy: As an advocate for our young patients, Chambersburg Dental Associates will not intervene in any case of divorce or separation regarding financial obligations between parents. The parent authorizing treatment for a child will be the parent responsible for those charges. If the divorce decree requires the other parent to pay all or part of treatment costs, it is the authorizing parent’s responsibility to collect from the other parent.